Clare Matthews

Private Collection (Not for Sale)

Mixed Media Paintings by Clare Matthews

Wellington Railway Station (Sold):

Midland Park(Sold):

Oriental Bay (Sold):

Lambton Quay (Sold):

Night Markets (Sold):

Boatsheds, Oriental Bay (Sold):

Red Tugboats, Wellington (Sold):

Chapel Bar and Bistro (Sold):

Midnight Espresso (Sold):

Vista Cafe, Oriental Bay  (Sold):

Caffe L'Affare, Wellington (Sold):

Topor Bistro, Plimmerton (Sold):

Boatsheds, Paremata 2 (Sold):

Havana Bar, Wellington (Sold):

Astoria Cafe, Lambton Quay (Sold):

Paremata Boatsheds (large) (Sold):

Paremata Boating Club (Sold):

Paremata Boatsheds 3 (Sold):

Scene @ Plimmerton 2 (Sold):

White House, Oriental Bay (Sold):

Boating Club, Paremata (Sold):

Fish and Chip Friday (Sold):

Catching Up for a Latte (Sold):

Vista Cafe, Oriental Bay (Sold):


Catching Up for a Latte 2 (Sold):


Plimmerton Fire Station (Sold):

Boatsheds, Paremata (Sold):

De Fontein's, Mission Bay (Sold):

Trio Cafe, Palmerston North (Sold):

Brewbar 2, Wellington (Sold):

Scene at Plimmerton (Sold):

Three Sisters, Wellington Harbour (Sold):


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Clare Matthews © 2011

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